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Section 1 - Eligibility

Do all of the following apply to you? *

1 - Tackling a global challenge affecting health, energy, the environment, or agriculture
2 - For-profit
3 - Raised no more than £1,000,000 in direct total investments*
Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this open application.

However, if you feel your idea has potential for large-scale positive impact, please feel free to drop us a line with what you do: apply@primeraimpact.com.
You are eligible! Please continue to the application questions

Section 2 - Basic Information

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Section 3 - Idea and Impact

What is the problem you are trying to solve? *

Please include how you know this problem exists.
What is your solution? *

What is the product or service you are developing to solve the problem you articulated?
How is your solution novel? *

Please include any unique innovation or technology behind your idea.
Briefly, what are your major achievements to date?

How will you generate and monitor impact? *

To us, impact is a positive, lasting, and relevant change on the lives of people.
What is your long-term vision? *

What will your business look like in 10 years? Beyond an exit, what new thing will exist because of you?
Section 4 - Team

How many people are on the team (including you) *

List all the members of the team, their roles, their commitment levels (e.g. part-time, full-time), and their equity. *

Please include LinkedIn links if you have them.
Why is your team uniquely positioned to solve this problem? *

Why is the skill set of your team well suited to the problem? How much domain experience do you have?
Section 5 - Business Plan

What stage is your business?

If none of the below is an accurate description, please pick the closest fit.

Do you have any product demonstrations you can share?

This could be a CAD image, photographs, and/or videos of prototypes or products.
What market(s) are you considering and what is your route to it (them)? *

Who are your competitors? *

Please also include possible future competitors.
What differentiates you from your competitors? *

What is your USP?
What are your current risks and future challenges? *

Please also include what you're most worried about.
Have you won or raised any external funding to date?

Detail funding sources here. *

Start the answer with the total amount raised.

For each source, include: the source, date, amount (local currency amount and GBP equivalent), and conditions (e.g. equity relinquished).
What is your current monthly expenditure? *

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Briefly detail any major company expenditures to date.

Do you have any revenue? *

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Include (local currency amount and GBP equivalent), sources and customer/user growth.
Do you have any significant partners or collaborations? *

Basically, are you affiliated with any other organizations?
Detail your partners here.

Have you been through an incubator/accelerator programme? *

Detail the programme(s) you attended here.

Have you filed or secured any intellectual property? *

Detail your intellectual property here

Include stage, filing date, details of invention, fees and regions covered
Is there anything else you'd like to let us know?

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Lastly, how did you hear about us?

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And what organisation do they represent, if any?
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